Cut fuel consumption and emissions by 3-8%!
Technology that took over America & Australia is now available in Europe!

Aerodynamic skirt (Trailer skirt)
Saves 1-1.4 litres / 100 km (3-5%)
Used by ALL big fleets in America
How it works: improves aerodynamics,
by preventing the air from entering
the trailer underbody (Wikipedia).

- Price: €1290-1690 ROI: 4-6 months
- Warranty: 3 yrs Life expectancy: 10 yrs
- the only skirt in Europe to successfully complete multiple fleet tests
- engineered like American skirts that have been proven in operations for last 10 yrs
- made of bendable premium composite
- all metal components are of high grade stainless steel - same that's used in Tesla
- saves more fuel & emissions than any other skirt, because covers more area
- saves lives: makes almost impossible for cars, pedestrians & bikes to get under trailer

Here is an awesome video with it
Aerodynamic tail (under development)
Guaranteed to save 3-5% in fuel
How it works: Decrease the low-pressure zone at the back of the trailer, by streamling the air (Wikipedia article)

Price: €1390-1690 Payback: 4-6 months
Warranty: 2 yrs Life expectancy: ~5 yrs

Made of bendable continuous glass-reinforced composite Folds (closes) with the door: doesn’t impede with load/unload

Modular design: easy and cheap to repair Keep the tail when renewing your fleet: removable & re-installable on a new trailer!

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*We take contractual responsibility, to return the money, if no fuel savings.

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